Michael + Tara Gallina

Years of Participation

It didn't take long after Tara started her apprenticeship at Blue Hill at Stone Barns for her and Michael to catch each other’s eyes. While working together there, the couple helped the restaurant achieve accolades from all over the world, including an award for Outstanding Restaurant in America from the James Beard Foundation, and a ranking on the San Pellegrino Top 50 Restaurants in the World list.  Michael and Tara, who were married in July of 2015, found that their complementary skills formed the complete package in terms of running a restaurant and set off to open one of their own in March of 2017. Michael’s talent as a chef and skillful ability to oversee the back of house, paired with Tara’s leadership capabilities in the front of house, make for an excellent combination that is fueled by a shared passion for world-class cuisine and service.  The proud parents to two dogs, Abby and Louie, are thrilled to be setting down roots in Michael’s hometown of St. Louis with their first venture together, Vicia. In only a few months, the restaurant has been named one of the 12 Best New Restaurants in America by Eater and a Bon Appetit Top 50 New Restaurant.