Michael Fucci

Years of Participation

Fucci is the creator, producer and host of the cooking show Tiny Kitchen Big Taste (www.tinykitchen.net). With a new episode released every Tuesday on YouTube (www.youtube.com/tinykitchentv), Tiny Kitchen Big Taste is all about sharing great recipes with folks cooking in a smaller kitchen—especially those in the city—who are tight on time, space and budget. A family-taught chef, Fucci grew up around a family in the restaurant business. His Grandpa, Nicola, was an esteemed restauranteur who believed great food was a celebration of life and loved sharing his techniques and recipes. From an early age, Fucci absorbed his Grandpa’s instruction and came to find his own passion for cooking.
Fucci was not always on the chef path. A licensed California attorney, he graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Finance before attending the University of Georgia School of Law. After moving to Los Angeles shortly after graduating from law school, Fucci spent several years living in a small studio apartment and came to master the art of cooking in a tiny space.
Many of his Tiny Kitchen culinary creations became frequent requests of his friends and neighbors. The requests for recipes and cooking tips became so frequent that he started regularly teaching many of them how to cook his recipes themselves. Fucci came to realize that there was a great desire and need among singles and young couples in Los Angeles to overcome their fears of cooking and create accessible meals that tasted great. Thus, recognizing this desire was not unique to only his local community, Fucci created Tiny Kitchen Big Taste to share his love for cooking with a larger audience worldwide. Fucci and his recipes have been most recently seen on Hallmark’s Home and Family and Food Network’s Cooks vs. Cons.