Melissa Yard

Years of Participation

Growing up in a small town north of Atlanta, Bar Manager Melissa Yard’s first job was as a server at the local diner and since then, she’s worked in virtually every front-of-the-house position. Melissa discovered her passion for mixology while working as a bartender during her studies at Georgia State University. After graduating, she spent nearly 20 years in Atlanta’s hospitality industry, working with acclaimed establishments including Buckhead Life Group and American Food & Beverage, and received training by New York's Cuffs and Buttons, a consulting company run by Milk and Honey's Christie Pope and Chad Solomon. In 2016, Melissa moved to Charleston to serve as bar manager at Swig & Swine in Charleston before moving over to a bartending role at 5Church.

Seasoned, skilled and a consummate professional, Melissa brings a unique cocktail perspective to Joséphine’s robust beverage program. She loves to make classic cocktails the way they were intended – strong and straight up. She also creates her own house sodas with fresh, seasonal ingredients and house-made syrups. In addition to her spirits expertise, Melissa is a Level II Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers