Marla Chua


Years of Participation


Marla Chua, Ruby Slipper Restaurant Group

Marla Chua is the Culinary Operations Partner for the Ruby Slipper Restaurant Group, which owns and operates two brands – Ruby Slipper and Ruby Sunshine – with more than twenty restaurants in six states spanning across the Southeast. In this role, Marla is responsible for implementing and maintaining excellent service by collaborating with front of house management and associates as well as managing all facets of Ruby’s kitchen departments.

Hailing from the Philippines and moving to New York before settling in Mandeville, Louisiana, Marla Chua started in the culinary industry over 20 years ago. All of Marla’s fondest memories stemmed from traveling at a young age and the different cuisines she was able to explore during her travels. Marla attended Louisiana State University for three years where she studied biological science before pursuing her true passion at the Louisiana Culinary Institute in Baton Rouge, LA, graduating with an associate’s degree in Culinary Arts.

After graduating from the Louisiana Culinary Institute, Marla spent years in the culinary scene in Baton Rouge as a server and cook before arriving at Taste Bud Management where she held various positions. It was there she honed her serving and managing skills, becoming engrained in the local culinary scene. She then began working with Sammy’s Grill Restaurant Group before becoming the Culinary Operations Partner at Ruby Slipper Restaurant Group.