Mark Heyward-Washington

Years of Participation

2007-2009, 2018-2020, 2023

Mark "Swanky" Heyward-Washington is a born and raised Charleston, South Carolina native. Brought on by his years of school at West Ashley Creative Arts, and Charleston County School of the Arts, Mark has been involved in art forms throughout his entire childhood. From here would be the beginning of his passion and imagination towards Culinary Arts. After High School, Mark attended the Culinary Institute of Charleston at Trident Technical College. Within one semester, instructors were already mentioning him to numerous chefs in the Charleston area. He landed his first job as a prep cook as one of the original staff of Oak Steakhouse. Even though he was just a prep cook, he worked along side with the Pastry Chef every once in awhile. Coming in on his days off to help or just to simply ask question and bounce around idea, it was apparent he was becoming very interested in the Pastry Arts field. Furthering himself, Mark has pushed to educate while building his own imagination and ideas at not forgotten restaurants such as Tristan, Rococo German Bakery, Chai's Lounge, Social Restaurant and Wine Bar. As much of a modest person he is known to be, it is Mark's creativity and love for art that becomes an experience for diners. When asked, "Is Culinary really an art form?" He answers normally, "I went to an art school for most of my life in which I learned to dance, play music, sketch, I've come to notice to actually be an "Art," It has to please one of the five senses. Visual Arts pleases the eyes, Music pleases the ear. Culinary Arts has the ability to please not just one, but all five senses naturally. Mark is now the Executive Chef of Burwell's Stone Fire Grill, and has been there since the establishment has been open in 2013, were he continues to extend his love and passion in the pastry arts.