Mario Torres


Years of Participation


Coming from a Carribean background (Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic) but born in Newark, NJ, Mario Torres (33) has spent the last 10 years cooking in kitchens and private residences throughout NYC. Whether working for the 2019 JBF Best Chef of NYC Chef Jody Williams at Buvette, Michelin Starred Restaurant, WD-50 Chef JJ Basil at Ando or Kitchen Surfing as a private chef, he has always had a passion for the culinary arts.

Given his heritage, food has always held a special place in his family. He is inspired by the food his abuela and mom would cook growing up. Mario moved to Charleston during Covid and found a home at Chasing Sage. He initially started doing Caribo Flip Pop Ups a year ago there and has continued to host them a different venues across the city, now holding a weekly residence on Mondays at The Lucky Luchador.