Marcus Shell

Years of Participation


Chef Marcus started his culinary expedition at a young age in his hometown of New Bedford, MA. A city known for commercial fishing and scalloping industries. His love of cooking started early when he expressed a curiosity for cooking that his mother helped him to develop. He learned the fulfilling art of cooking for others and sharing his skills with friends and family. Marcus graduated from the Le Cordon Bleu Boston Campus in 2011 and continued his pursuit of knowledge and experience. While working in Greenwood, SC he was mentored by a former Charleston Executive Chef, his passion for food grew, as well as his curiosity for the city of Charleston. After a solid year as Sous Chef at 82 Queen, Chef Marcus embarked on a new journey of his own. His goal of being an Executive Chef was achieved at 39 Rue de Jean, and is a perfect match of traditional and contemporary styles. Chef Marcus pairs exquisite technique with innovation to bring a creative twist to classic dishes that Rue de Jean is known for.