Malllory Ellis

Years of Participation

Mallory's love of baking began as a child, when she would prepare homemade cakes for her family's table. It didn't take her long to realize this was something she wanted to pursue as a career.

After attending the Culinary Institute of Charleston where she earned a degree in Baking and Pastry, she worked for a family-owned bakery, Butter Blossoms, preparing cupcakes and cookies before heading to the pastry department of HMGI's Magnolias and Blossom. Soon after, she was named the Executive Pastry Chef of Poogan's Hospitality where she loves putting modern twists on southern classics. The same excitement from her early days of baking has carried into her current philosophy on cooking: to always create with passion, care, and effort.

When not whipping up pastries, Ellis can be found reading books, heading to a movie, or spending time soaking up the sun.