Lindsey Drummond


Years of Participation


Rated the smoothest vodka in the world by the Global Master Awards in 2021 and voted Best Domestic Vodka of 2022 by The Fifty Best, our single ingredient vodka consists of only potatoes, water and yeast. So it’s the natural taste of the raw potatoes that dictates the flavor of what ultimately ends up in the bottle. The minerals they absorb from the soil they are grown in creates a unique flavor palette. These essential flavors are brought out every time the liquor is distilled until we literally achieve the pure, refined taste of the South Carolinian soil. In each bottle is "a little piece of Charleston," a single strand of sweetgrass, acquired from Gullah artisans in the city market.

The Sweetgrass Lounge, an elevated, coastal-decadent tasting room in downtown Charleston, is the official flagship of Sweet Grass Vodka. Artfully crafted cocktails are accompanied by design elements of rich woods, leather, copper, and wicker to create this remarkable sense of a hideaway or hidden gem within their space at The Refinery. In addition to cocktails and bites, the Sweetgrass Lounge hosts events and cocktail making classes.