Kyle Focken

Years of Participation


Kyle Focken is the Executive Chef at The Elysian Bar, an experience driven restaurant, bar and café located within the Hotel Peter and Paul in New Orleans, LA. In this role, Kyle oversees the entire food program at the restaurant.

Kyle’s passion for cooking began in elementary school with the influence of the TV show, Iron Chef. He first started working in the restaurant industry as a dishwasher when he was a teenager and began his first kitchen job at the age of 18. His experience doesn’t come from culinary school but from the hands of excellent chefs he’s worked alongside in New Orleans, including chefs from DTB, The Franklin and Luvi.

Since he began working at The Elysian Bar, previously as Sous Chef, Kyle has elevated the food program, focusing on a more health forward menu, creating dishes resembling French cuisine with Spanish undertones. Kyle is often experimenting with local, seasonal produce and is drawn towards ingredients that offer health benefits to leave his guests feeling satisfied rather than weighed down.