Kurt Evans

Years of Participation

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Kurt found his culinary spark cooking southern style dishes, alongside his grandmothers as a child. Since then, he's went on to hone his skills in some of Philadelphia’s most esteemed kitchens. In 2017 Kurt decided to use his culinary skills to rally his community around ending mass incarceration. Through the EMI dinner series, He is bringing awareness and garnering solutions for a pressing community issue.

After moving to New York, he took over as the Culinary Director for Drive Change. Soon after, During COVID-19 Evans co-founded Everybody Eats. A leader in the fight against hunger dedicated to increasing food security and building community, our mission is to nourish hungry people and lead the community in the fight against hunger.

In 2021, Evans was named “Rising Talent” finalists from The Art Of Plating, “Champion of Change” World’s 50 Best Restaurants by San Pellegrino. He was also featured in Food & Wine, Bon Appetite, Good Morning America, and Eater.