Koky Lòpez


Years of Participation


Born and Raised in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Koky got her start in Hospitality early on in life, working with her family at their catering business while attending school, cementing that way the importance of education in the food and beverage industry.
Now three degrees and two decades after, she has achieved international recognition as a Bar leader, Educator and Advocate for Females and Latinxs in the industry.
From winning the title of “Bartender of the Year” to becoming a college professor for Mixology and Culinary Arts; Koky understands the importance of working behind the bar catering to all demographics and staying on top of consumer trends. “Always Learning”

When she’s not creating molecular magic or infusing spirits with obscure ingredients, you can find Koky playing Dominoes with her friends or cooking for her partner and children while listening to salsa records.