Kobe Desmet


Years of Participation


Kobe Desmet, is an Author, Beverage Professional and internationally recognized Tequila expert. Hailing from the small town of Kortrijk; Belgium, he made it a point to transcend this small country’s borders, in order to pursue his passions in the beverage industry.
His humble beginnings found him behind the stick in student bars in the University town of Ghent, Kobe grew to hold several On Trade Sales positions for Miraflor and Alpha Sales/ADS. After attending an in-depth tequila training, Kobe felt compelled to share the knowledge, passion and love for all things agave spirits. During a time when very little well-researched, information about agave spirits could be found, Kobe wrote the book on it. Released in 2016 Tequila and Mezcal, The Complete Guide was welcomed with much praise and hailed as a great resource in the industry. Both english and flemish versions are in print.
Kobe began guiding tours for bartenders and industry professionals throughout Mexico for Sweden’s AliasSmith Group, connecting him to most independent tequila and mezcal producers. These trips deepened his understanding and broadened his knowledge of agave spirits. Kobe was hired as a Global Brand Ambassador for highly venerated brand Tequila Fortaleza, a role he holds to this day. When Kobe isn’t enjoying a cocktail or an aguachile in Guadalajara where he resides, he’s teaching agave masterclasses worldwide.