Kapri Robinson


Years of Participation


Kapri Robinson is DC's 2017 Cocktail Queen. While spending her time being a bartender, educator and event organizer, she is also the president & founder of Chocolate City's Best (CCB). Kapri has gone on to win cocktail competitions and has been acknowledged on multiple media platforms. Kapri has been welcomed onto many television spotlights as well as being featured in industry media brands such as PUNCH and Eater. Kapri continues to lead seminars on hospitality and empowerment. In 2020, Kapri became an organizer of Back To Black which is an organization bringing together Black food and beverage creators to rally continued support of Black activism. While fulfilling many roles, Kapri is also the Co-Founder of Empowering The Diner. In 2021, Kapri was chosen to be one of Eaters New Guard. Kapri was graciously nominated as a top 10 bartender in the nation by the Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards in 2022. She is also one of twelve first ever Drink Masters on Netflix. She is a Co-Host of Soul Palate Podcast in which provides a platform to normalize Black and Brown palates. She is an educator of cocktail/spirits knowledge and strives to create opportunities for Black and Brown industry members.