Justin Simko

Years of Participation

Justin Simko has been tending bar at Husk in Charleston, SC for over 5 years. With an initial culinary interest, Simko attended the Culinary Institute of America in New York where he mastered the fundamentals of cooking. After graduating, he moved to Charleston, SC in 2011 where he accepted a front of house position at High Cotton. However, his interest in cooking began to wane, and in its place, Simko discovered a newfound interest in cocktails. In June 2012, Simko decided to test the waters of bartending and accepted a part-time bartending position at Husk. Drawing from his traditional culinary training & fine-tuned understanding of flavor profiles, Simko quickly learned the philosophy and art of creating the perfect cocktail. At Husk, Simko had finally found his true passion and rose through the ranks, eventually being named Bar Manager in 2017. In his current role as Bar Manager, he is responsible for creating the beverage program for Husk restaurant & bar, product ordering, and educational training of fellow bartenders. Simko most enjoys the constant evolution in the bar industry, as well as creating unique and memorable experiences for each guest. His drink of choice is a Gin & Tonic on a hot summer day, and when he’s away from the bar, Simko enjoys fishing the shores of nearby Folly Beach with friends.