Josh Eboch

Josh is the co-owner of Barrier Island Oyster Company on Wadmalaw Island, which he founded with his partner and fellow College of Charleston alum Jared Hulteen in 2016. On a mission to hand raise the finest oysters in Charleston, Barrier Island Oyster Co. grows premium singles from seed to market size entirely in floating baskets. This restorative farming technique guarantees the highest quality product for local consumers, and also helps reduce the harvest pressure on wild oyster reefs. Barrier Island's Sea Cloud single oysters spend their lives floating just a few thousand yards from open ocean. There they experience nearly constant wind and wave action, which chips away overset and extra shell growth - while also helping to polish and deepen each cup. The result is a tide-tumbled oyster of unparalleled beauty that brings the clean, salty taste of a Lowcountry marsh fresh from the river to your table.