Joseph Martin


Years of Participation

2008-2010, 2021-2023


Chef Joseph Martin, Corporate Executive Chef of Grace & Grit and sister restaurants The Grit Counter in Mt. Pleasant and North Charleston, began his culinary career as a dishwasher at the age of 17 at Middleton Place, working his way up to prep cook. For the next 13 years, he learned every role of the kitchen, cooking for beer money in college and discovering he had a knack for it. Joseph later became the Executive Chef of 18 On The Square in Shelbyville, Indiana for five years, bringing food from his youth in rural South Carolina to middle America and earning him local acclaim. After moving back to Charleston, he worked as chef in a range of restaurants and concepts, joining Grace & Grit in 2019. Extremely skilled but humble, with a passion and dedication for both his craft and his team, Chef Joe has helped to guide and mold Grace & Grit, from Sous Chef, to Executive Chef, to most recently being named Corporate Executive Chef of Grace & Grit and The Grit Counter in 2022. A true embodiment of southern hospitality, he believes food is best paired with a communion of friends and family at the table and enjoys being able to use the influence of the cuisine he grew up with, making it relevant in creative ways that tie into the rich history of the Charleston area. Outside of work, Chef Joseph enjoys spending time hiking, gardening and wondering how many cookies is too many cookies.