Joe DiMaio

Years of Participation

Chef Joe DiMaio brings more than a decade of experience to Millers All Day. This brunch centric restaurant serves up biscuits and grits all day, with a full service bar, patrons can get their eggs any style with a side of Mimosa or craft Bloody Mary’s. DiMaio has already left his mark on the Lowcountry food scene, participating in the Charleston Wine + Food Festival, Atlanta Food & Wine Festival and numerous other cultural events throughout Charleston and the surrounding areas. Continuing to experiment and refine his innate talents has been instrumental to DiMaio’s success as a young chef; his past experience includes renowned Charleston-area restaurants, including the Old Village Post House and the Ocean Room at the Sanctuary Hotel and The Darling Oyster Bar, which exposed him to a range of eclectic cooking styles represented on the Millers All Day menu. In helping to craft Millers All Day culinary story, DiMaio emphasizes that a chef’s ability to adapt is critical; creating meals that delight guests consistently and with creativity “will help Millers live up to its moniker as something near and dear to the heart,” he says. “Cooking what makes people happy – and what makes me happy – is our goal, every day at Millers.” DiMaio earned his culinary degree from the Art Institute of Charleston.