JD Coleman

Years of Participation

JD Coleman, Executive Chef of Grace & Grit, hails originally from West Virginia but has been a part of the Charleston culinary scene for quite a while now. Formerly of Relish Restaurant Group as well as Cassique on Kiawah, Chef Coleman originally met chef/owner Frank Kline working together many years ago at The Boathouse of Breach Inlet. The two chefs came back together in 2016 to combine both of their experiences and love for southern food in order to create what is now Grace & Grit. Both in development and execution, Chef Coleman has been an integral part of Grace & Grit since day one, bringing great experience, skill and incredible drive and passion to the table. Their southern grit-focused dinner concept has also inspired the idea for their recently opened sister restaurant, The Grit Counter. A quick-casual lunch spin on Grace & Grit, both Chef Coleman and Chef Kline share a partnering role, keeping them busy and excited for the future of both ventures.