Imane Hanine


Years of Participation


Imane Hanine is a first-generation New Yorker, and a rare “Swiss army knife” of the wine industry. She entered the Martha Stoumen Wines orbit following a comprehensive approach to multiple facets of the wine industry including hospitality and production – in the cellar and the vineyards. For over 15 years, she has woven her passions for social ethics and environmental sustainability into her journey through the world of farming, food, and beverage. From leadership roles in prominent Philadelphia & New York City restaurants to comprehensive apprenticeships in the vineyards and cellars since her move to California wine country, she has built a dynamic, wide-reaching community rooted in responsibility, equity and most importantly, joy!

Imane currently serves as the National Sales Manager for Martha Stoumen Wines, a trailblazing natural winery focused on shifting the tides of the California wine industry. She is an aspiring vigneronne and writer living out her untamed dreams in Northern California.