Hector Garate


Years of Participation


Hector Garate is an up-and-coming Pitmaster in the Craft-Barbecue scene. He is creating sustainable farm to table barbecue with old school wood fire techniques with Puerto Rican Influences.

Hector's passion for BBQ started at an early age and has not stopped him from perfecting his craft since. Born in Puerto Rico, he was exposed to whole animal cookery early on. Hector specializes in smoking beef cheeks, brisket, whole hog and house-made sausages. In the pursuit of creating the best product Garate devoted free time to building his custom cooking appliances, in particular an offset smoker. Hector has partnered with Creekstone Farms, and Peculiar Pig Farms to source the most sustainable farm-to-table smoked meats for Charleston, SC through Palmira Barbecue.