Heather Hutton

Pastry Chef Heather Hutton has been creating desserts at Edmund's Oast Restaurant since July 2016. At Edmund's Oast, she has defined her style making amazing ice creams and beautiful desserts that examplify Edmund's Oast creative atmosphere. As a small girl, Heather discovered she had affinity for lemon verbena, finding it to be a favorite ingredient especially in the local Italian ice. As a New York native, she brought her memories of her childhood home to Georgia when she moved with her family in 1993. Becoming aware of the huge array of southern ingredients and dishes, she sought out to combine both worlds through pastry. She grew up baking cakes and pastries, and desserts served at dinner parties and anywhere else she could do them. Heather attend Johnson & Wales University in Miami and graduated in 2007 with an Associate in Baking and Pastry Arts. Throughout her career, she has trained under 5 star Chef Johnannes Klapdohr and Pastry Chef Larry Brubaker. Heather has worked as Pastry Sous Chef to Amanee Neirouz through the Relish Restaurant Group creating desserts for multiple outlets from fine dining to bakery cakes and pies. She had also been creating desserts at the Social Wine and Food Bar while working as Pastry Sous Chef. Since moving to Charleston in 2010, Heather and her husband Shawn have worked in the hospitality business and love Charleston's evolving restaurant scene..