Hailey Trefethen

Years of Participation

Hailey Trefethen is a passionate steward of the Trefethen legacy who, along with her brother, Lorenzo, is helping define the future of this Napa Valley icon.

After the South Napa Earthquake in August 2014, Hailey managed the comprehensive restoration of the family’s historic winery building. Originally built in 1886 as a three-story gravity flow winery, the landmark building was severely damaged in the quake. She personally spearheaded the 2.5 year restoration, culminating in the re-opening of the historic winery in May 2017. The winery’s rebirth is a testament to Hailey’s dedication to Trefethen.

Hailey is also an active member of the production team, participating in vineyard and winemaking decisions. She manages the company’s participation in the Napa Green and Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance programs.

Hailey was one of the youngest members ever elected to serve on the Napa Valley Vintners’ Board of Directors, where she also chaired the Community and Industry Issues Committee. She has also served on the board of the California Wine Institute.

Born in Napa, Hailey Trefethen grew up in the family’s vineyards before attending college in Santa Clara, CA and further studies in South America. She returned to the family business in 2008.