Greg Johnsman

Years of Participation


Greg Johnsman has been milling in his mind for his entire life. As a boy in the upstate he learned the process of milling grits the old-fashioned way from a third-generation miller named Jack Brock. When providence brought Greg and wife Betsy together at Clemson in a poultry science class it was clear these two would grow a life together. Greg eventually began farming with Betsy’s family, working the land with her father and brother. When he discovered a 1945 mill and separator in Saluda, SC owned by Lamar Berry he needed just the slightest encouragement from his wife to bring it to their Edisto Island home. After helping and reviving different heirloom varieties Greg had his sight on helping in the food scene in Charleston, SC. Greg joined forces with Nathan Thurston and created Millers All Day, a brunch spot focusing on farm to table. He most recently opened a second location on James island and Greg is excited to have another platform to talk and show the history of the farming and food practices of the past.