Gina Hennen

After spending several years as a semiconductor engineer in Oregon and Dublin, Ireland, winemaker Gina Hennen returned to the Pacific Northwest in 2006 in pursuit of a career without cubicles. She found it upon her return to Oregon where she snagged a harvest job and enrolled in winemaking classes. Nearly 12 years later, she hasn’t looked back and serves as winemaker for Adelsheim Vineyard.
Gina spent 11 years honing her craft with Adelsheim as part of the winemaking team before taking the lead as head winemaker. Known for her ability to execute and armed with the knowledge that everything the winemaking team does touches every aspect of Adelsheim, she focuses on setting a high bar, yet still enjoying the winemaking process, reveling in the fact that every wine produced is unique and will never be replicated.
Gina spends her free time both outdoors and in and loves bouldering and mountain biking, and much as she enjoys a pot of tea alongside a baked treat and a crossword puzzle. But her favorite pastime? Spending time with her daughter.