Germán González Gorrochotegui


Years of Participation


Germán Gonzalez, one of the most celebrated working tequileros, was born in Mexico City with strong spirits running through his veins. Son of the creator of the Chinaco, the first Mexican 100% blue agave craft tequila imported to America, Germán studied under his father, gaining experience through hands-on work and education. Eager to further immerse himself, he began working at his family’s agave farm and Chinaco distillery, which he ended up managing. In 2012, Germán shared a secret with a close group of friends: a special family reserve, a small-batch, artisanal expression boasting a rich and complex flavor profile due to its intensive and fascinating production process. These friends encouraged Germán to release a limited supply for others’ enjoyment. Germán named the tequila Tears of Llorona after the legendary ghost story told to him by his father and began distributing to select U.S. markets in 2014. Today, spirit aficionados and critics recognize Tears of Llorona as a masterpiece and a true expression of Germán’s genius.