Esthi Steffenelli

Years of Participation

Esthi- Steffenelli's passion for baking began when she was a young apprentice to a 5-star hotel’s executive chef in Switzerland, her home country.

After her apprenticeship, Esthi immersed herself in the culinary world for several years -- gaining a competitive edge that would afford amazing experiences like opening her own restaurant, migrating to the United States, and eventually being named one of Forbes’ Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America.

Since 1991, Esthi has continued to thrive in the American dining scene with features in Martha Stewart Weddings, Food Network, Departures, Charleston Magazine, Peninsula Grill Cookbook and more.

Esthi joined 5Church Charleston as Executive Pastry Chef in 2018. Her passion for baking is evident in her dishes and is what puts the cherry on top of an already incredible dining experience at 5Church. Esthi says the happiness a beautifully decorated dessert can bring someone is worth all the time and patience it takes to make.