Elise Cordell

Years of Participation

Hailing from Northeast Ohio, Elise called several places ‘home’ before settling in Dallas, Texas. The one constant through the various changes has always been WINE! Through family gatherings at the several local vineyards in Ashtabula County, and a diverse cellar courtesy of her father, she developed an understanding and appreciation for the craft. The epiphany of a career did not come until much later, when she took the famed ‘Introduction to Wines’ course at Cornell University. Enjoying the experience so much, she became a TA the following semester. After working abroad post-graduation, she returned home to find that economic climate was less than hospitable, and looked to her parents for advice. Her father introduced her to the Executive Director of the Ohio Wine Producer’s Association, where she was exposed to more than 100 wineries around the state, and developed a ‘Wine Trail’ podcast, broadening her skills as a wine educator. Now with more than 12 years of experience in the wine industry spanning from non-profits and retail to managing iconic restaurant lists and working for a boutique portfolio of producers, she is living her true passion of sharing the stories of the wine world and enriching the palates of her guests. After joining Pernod-Ricard USA in 2016 she was able to focus exclusively on the illustrious region of Champagne and the historical houses of Perrier-Jouët and G.H. Mumm. You can find her on Instagram  or check out her webinar series  at https://live.eventtia.com/en/just-add-champagne
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