Edward Crouse

Years of Participation

2018-2019, 2022-2023

Marie and Edward met in North Italy while studying the culinary culture of Western Europe. They had no idea that their chance encounters and evenings of discourse in the neighborhood cafes and bars of Italy would one day lead to building their own version of a European inspire café in South Carolina. They now run two of the best cafés in the southeast, operating all day with a world class beverage program and deceptively simple menu. With pastries made in house, products sources from the best folks in the southeast they boast having the best teams and guests in the game in a town that they love and that loves them. Marie grew up in the best restaurants on the south and after working around the country and world in F&B she stepped in to the VP and Sales Director role for Grassroots wine based in Charleston SC and curates the wines lists for babas. Edward has been overseeing babas day to day operations for the last four years. They have a darling daughter Eulalah who can be seen often at the bar snacking on her coveted banana bread.