Dominick Lee


Years of Participation


Chef Dominick Lee hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. As a victim of Hurricane Katrina, the devastating storm displaced his family leaving him at a loss both mentally and physically and unable to find proper footing in his life until he refocused his mind and heart on an early passion, cooking.
Lee sealed his love for cooking at his first cooking job at Jonny Sanchez in New Orleans before deciding to move to Texas to attend The Art Institute of Houston where he was granted the inaugural Chris Shepherd Underbelly Scholarship. During his studies, Lee worked as Sous Chef at the Bay Oaks Country Club in Clear Lake before landing a job as Executive Sous Chef at Kiran’s under chef Kiran Verma.
While still in school, Lee was offered the Executive Chef position at Poitín Bar & Kitchen, a new restaurant showcasing a cuisine as eclectic as Houston’s diverse population. Under his leadership, Poitín Bar & Kitchen was named Top Restaurants Of 2019 by Texas Monthly Magazine and Lee was awarded a nomination for Rising Star Chef 2019 from CultureMap Houston, Rising Star Chef 2019 from Eater Houston, as well as best dish titles for various events across the city.In the Past Two years he Dominick has been in Europe studying the food derivatives of Creole Cuisine in hopes of helping to evolve the cuisine from whence in came. In Opening Alligator Pear NYC Chef Dominick branches out to bring a taste of New Orleans to the Big Apple.