Daniel Nightengale

Years of Participation

Daniel Nightengale joined High Cotton as Executive Chef in October 2017. As a student of The Ohio State University Daniel took his time studying Food Science and Nutrition to better understand the way food affects our daily lives. As a former Graduate from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, Daniel brings over 15 years of culinary experience and pedigree to High Cotton, including restaurant groups from New York City, Pennsylvania and Florida. During his time at The Culinary, he traveled abroad for a semester exploring, Spain, Southern France and Northern Italy. Visiting the likes of  El Bulli restaurant, Catalonian farmers, prestigious vineyards and much more. He knew at this time, what he was learning was going to change his perspective on food for the rest of his life, learning that locality can be a huge source of finely driven food for all guests. When  Daniel is not working, he enjoys watching sports, reading cookbooks , and furthering his passion for food and wine, cooking and dining out with his family.