Cristina Iglesias

Years of Participation


Chef and Owner of ‘The Fried Green Banana’ Cuban American food truck, Cristina Iglesias, has always had a passion for cooking! Beginning the early love for food at the age of 5, Cristina learned how to cook her first meal on a commercial range her parents had as their residential stove top! Her father was a restauranteur and cook as her main source of inspiration as well as having a phenomenal at home cook for a mother. With this early inhalation she went on to achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary management and furthering her broad range of cooking skills as a line cook, private Chef, caterer and many other accomplishments throughout the years!
Moving forward to present day Cristina has harnessed her cultural Cuban background and opened an exciting new food truck in Charleston, South Carolina. Bringing something fun and familial to the low country! Her childhood was filled with ancestral cooking techniques passed down through generations which has given her cuisine the real deal flare it has today! Cristina was born and raised in Miami, Fl which has given her a delightful twist on her cuisine, as she says “bridging the gap” between cultures and generations. Her love for tradition really brings her story to life through her food providing and unforgettable dining experience that ushers history and provisions to the forefront of her legacy!