Conor and Dan Sullivan

BUMPA’S at 5 CUMBERLAND is the creation of two brothers, Dan and Conor Sullivan. The two have always been fascinated by the bar business and dreamed of one day owning their own. Not only is it family owned, its name is also the name they used to address their grandfather. Family is important in this business and the brothers are determined that the legend of BUMPA’S will live and grow with fun memories and tall tales.

Dan has over 15 years of experience in professional management and operations while Conor has built a 10 year career in corporate sales. They both have built reputations based on operating with strong core values and a focus on customer satisfaction. They believe relationship building on all levels is the key to a successful business. To begin this venture, the brothers left their careers to take jobs as servers and bartenders in order to better understand the adventure upon which they were about to embark. They now speak the “restaurant language” fluently and are addicted to the positive energy the hospitality industry can create.