Colleen Hughes

Years of Participation

Head Mixologest at Haberdish as well as cocktail creator for Crepe Celler, Sea Level and Growlers Pour house. Vice President of the Charlotte USBG Chapter. Mixologist of the year in Charlotte 2016 (creative loafing) Bartender of the year 2016 (thrillst) ..... I try to run a very balanced and acessible bar programs, with a nod to this historical aspects of the spirits themselves (Pharma- apothecary) While not being to stuffy about it. A lot of my drinks start in the kitchen with lots of house syrups, tonics and infusions. Seasonality and freshness rule, as well as our seller ice program. I try to make our drinks look as good as they taste, utilizing lots of different and unique edible flowers from local vendors in the Charlotte area. Definitely have a lot of feminine touches going into my drinks without being too girly. I love making fancy drinks for nice people!