Clark On The Sax

Years of Participation

Clark Keagy is a 26 year old Saxophonist of 13 years and a DJ that goes by “Clark on the Sax.” Clark studied saxophone at the University of South Carolina, and is comfortable playing soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone. Having profound versatility on numerous saxophones, he began to branch out in different genres like Funk, Pop, and Jazz. From 2009 until 2011, Clark ranked first in the all-state jazz band. He continues today to comfortably demonstrate the aptitude to improvise intricate solos, and lyrical melodies during his live performances. Recently, Clark has gained attention for his lively performances while he DJs and plays the saxophone at the same time. With classically trained knowledge and versatility, Clark presents the ability to suit his performances to every audience. While many of Clark’s weekly performances are local to Charleston venues and clubs, he often plays at weddings, corporate and private events.