Clare Carver

Years of Participation

In 2006 Clare and Brian moved to Oregon from Napa, where Brian had been working in wine for ten years. They started with a dream and made their first 150 cases that first year.

This Oregon adventure was inspired by their desire to grow grapes, make wine, and to have space for all of Clare’s animals and Brian’s projects.

Clare and Brian named their farm and winery after the goal to provide a gracious and welcoming table with a cornucopia of hand-crafted food and wine.

And now, just over ten years after taking the leap, they have developed their land into a working farm and built a barn and winery.

In addition to partnering with Brian to market and sell the wine and manage their 70 acres, Clare is the farmer and also a painter and she draws the big table farm labels.

Clare's passion is her painting, but she finds great joy in caring for all the animals on the farm from her honey bees to her team of draft horses.