Chris Denesha

Years of Participation

Chris Denesha is a farmer and winegrower in the mountains of North Carolina. He is co-founder and winemaker at pleb urban winery in Asheville, NC.

Chris concentrates on forgotten or unknown regional grapes and farming methods. He is using biodynamic and organic methods in the vineyard and winery to emphasize what naturally does well in the South. The main idea is to find a unique wine identity through sustainable farming practices, authenticity and regional culture.

The goals of the winery are to support local farmers growing these varieties sustainably and educate their customer base. Maintaining an open mind to new and old flavors is essential to experiencing the wines from this unknown grape growing region.

Chris met his wife Kelsey on an organic raw goat dairy in Pinetta, FL in 2013. Both being passionate about farming and family, Chris and Kelsey decided to settle in the mountain’s of North Carolina to keep rooted near Kelsey’s parents, originally from Charleston, SC. The rest is a mystery.