Cheryl Gibbs-Green

Years of Participation


Cheryl Gibbs Green, “Alkaline Chef Cheryl,” based out of Charleston, South Carolina, is a talented
alkaline vegan chef promoting healthy living and eating across the country and beyond.
The oldest of four children, Chef Cheryl had an early start around the kitchen as she was responsible for
cooking for her siblings when her mother was at work. Her cooking was Low country inspired “soul
food,” with all the trimmings. In 2012, Chef Cheryl became interested in Dr. Sebi’s methodology, the
African biomineral balance. She learned that eating the wrong foods was the basis for all disease. The
biomineral balance consists of “electric” foods that are less detrimental to forming mucus in the body,
which leads to disease and sickness. She has always been a health nut, but her journey with food and
cooking changed. She underwent a 21-day fast where she was given a vision to heal herself and heal the
people in her community with an electric lifestyle that will help reduce pain and diseases. In 2016
Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals, LLC was birthed. Cheryl’s business is driven by her desire to honor her
mother, who died from congestive heart failure, and by transforming the lives of those she is able to reach
with the experience of eating healthy without depriving them of food they love.
Alkaline Chef Cheryl takes pride in serving the community with “soul food” made with love. Her mission
is to teach and educate about the alkaline vegan lifestyle. Chef Cheryl has had the pleasure of preparing
meals for well-known celebrity Chef Ahki and Erykah Badu.
Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals, LLC offers meal prep, cooking classes, consultation, speaking
engagements, private chef services, and catering. (Nationwide shipping is available.)