Chad Stock


Years of Participation

2017, 2023

Chad Stock holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Enology from California State University Fresno graduating in 2006 with top honors and the University Academic Achievement Award for his graduating class. After completing an apprenticeship in 2006 for Rudd Winery in Oakville, CA, he moved north to Oregon joining the team at Antica Terra in the Eola-Amity Hills, to help redesign and launch the new company. In 2011 he launched his own wine brand “Minimus”. Chad explores viticulture and wine production theory across the state of Oregon and has become the top advisor and consultant in the State for minimal intervention winemaking, vineyard establishment for alternative grape cultivars, and technical education for innovative and rare wine styles. In 2017 Chad launched his newest venture co-founding Constant Crush Advisors, with Master of Wine wife Bree Stock, an international comprehensive consultancy company specializing in vineyard and winery development, wine production, product development, packaging, and global product placement. In 2019, Chad turned his focus to historic old vine vineyards in the Willamette Valley and took on the winemaking role at the Willamette Valley's oldest and historic vineyard planted by Charles Coury in the 1960s, at David Hill Vineyards, where he works the 16 different varieties planted which are still producing grapes on their own old roots.