Carlos Brown

Years of Participation

From the humble beginnings in his mother's Charleston, SC kitchen and later starting out in the dish room at a local
restaurant, Chef Carlos operated out of a heart of humility and hard-work that would afford him unthinkable
opportunities. As he worked his way up from dish boy to chef, Golden Globe-Award-Winning Actor Jim Carey tasted one of his dishes and requested him as his private chef. Chef Carlos then moved to Atlanta where he whipped up master dishes
for Shaquille O'Neal, Oprah Winfrey, Danny Glover, Michelle Obama, Whoopi Goldberg, Tyler Perry, Viola Davis, Ray Lewis
and more.
With his mark as chef to the celebrities under his belt, Chef Carlos went on a mission of saving hospitality. He has always
had a heart for community and believes hospitality can change the world. With his nonprofit, C3 International
Culinary Camp, Inc, he teaches and trains youth and special needs children the art of food. His hope is to restore the love
of cooking for future chefs and to bring families back together at the dinner table.
Use the culinary craft to further develop and influence the appreciation of how food is viewed and consumed with the
freedom to experience food as an art that creates fun moments, meaningful connections and special experiences.
Inspire and nurture the next generation with the creative skills, education and training to excel and gain expertise to achieve
their goals in hospitality and the arts. I grew up on the east side of the projects in an underprivileged downtown neighborhood with a mother who could take the most mediocre meal and turn it into the most extravagant spread. With her innate nature of cooking, she followed no recipes and never measured an ounce of ingredients while instinctively knowing what spices brought out the best
flavors. This taught me one of the most important lessons, cooking from the soul.
Bring the best culinary experiences with immaculate culinary creations from the heart with food that is visually stunning and
soulfully delicious.