Carey Bringle

Years of Participation

Pitmaster Carey Bringle’s family settled in Covington, Tennessee way back in 1827, and to say that his family had a passion for BBQ is an understatement. A Nashville native with deep-seated roots in West Tennessee BBQ culture, Carey developed an appreciation for ‘Que at a young age. In fact, Carey was raised on iconic West Tennessee BBQ. His Grandfather, Dr. Carey Bringle, Sr., grew up cooking hogs, and as an adult, Dr. Bringle delivered the children of many of the famous barbeque families in West Tennessee. Carey still remembers family gatherings at places like Bozo’s Hot Pit Bar B-Q, Lewis’ Store, and Leonard’s Pit Barbecue.
There is no getting around it, smoke is in his veins. Peg Leg Porker opened in Nashville in 2013 to offer his award-winning BBQ, Peg Leg Porker sauces and rubs, a new line of professional-grade home smokers, and Peg Leg Porker Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskies.