Calogero Riportella

Years of Participation


My name is Calogero Riportella, I'm from Sicily and I work for Planeta as a winemaker since 2017.
Since when I was young, I have always been fascinated about the vines and the wine, because viticulture is the principal activity of my family for generations, my grandfather was a small farmer, my father is an agronomist.
Then at 19 -years old I chose to go to university and get the degree in Enology and Viticulture science.
After the degree I did some harvests all over the world: South Africa, California, France and Turkey;
all these wonderful experiences, working with different methods of winemaking, different cultures, different people, different languages influenced a lot my behavior and helped me to improve skills for my career.
Today I came back in my beloved Sicily working with Planeta and It's an honor for me to make wines for my region and work for it.