Bobby Benjamin

Butchertown Grocery | Louisville, Kentucky

As the Executive Chef and co-owner of Butchertown Grocery and Lola, Chef Bobby Benjamin relishes the opportunity to share his life’s story through his innovative menu featuring thoughtfully crafted, approachable food in an inviting atmosphere where the Louisville community comes together to enjoy great food. He moved to Louisville to attend Sullivan University’s National Center for Hospitality Studies. During his studies at the University, Chef lived and trained with James Beard Nominated Chefs Duane Nutter and Todd Richards. Upon graduation, he headed to Nashville where he worked under Sean Brock at the Capitol Grille. His experience with Chef Brock served as a master class for the young chef in the simplicity of ingredients and perfect execution.

Chef Benjamin returned to Louisville to begin his first tenure as executive chef at The Oakroom at the Seelbach Hilton, a position that had most recently been filled by his friends and mentors, Chefs Richards and Nutter. Chef Benjamin would continue his culinary career in both Nashville and Louisville, serving as executive chef of La Coop Bistro a Vins and Union Common. In 2015, he returned to Louisville full-time and, along with his business partners, opened “Louisville’s living room”, Butchertown Grocery. Nestled in the heart of Louisville’s most dynamic neighborhood, the former grocery store serves refined American cuisine with refined international influences and echoes the chef’s philosophy that he has maintained throughout his career: respect ingredients, cook with integrity and be honest on the plate.