Bertrand Varoquier

Years of Participation

Bertrand Varoquier was born in 1977 in Reims, the city of coronations. From a Champagne family of several generations, Bertrand is the son of school teachers and discovered the vineyards of Champagne through successive harvests as a grape picker while in secondary school. It was through meeting inspirational people and personal discovery of the world of wine that Bertrand chose to pursue the path of wine, in particular Champagne. Having achieved an undergraduate in Science, he chose to study Life Sciences at the University of Reims where he obtained his Bachelor of Biochemistry and then his National Diploma of Oenology in 2002. After experience in Chablis and in Touraine, he joined the team of the Reims Oenological Laboratory where he served four years as an oenologist consultant to local growers providing them with necessary advice for the improvement of their wines. Following this consulting experience, Bertrand was offered a position by a recognized family Champagne house to oversee the winery, the vinification process and the development of its wine styles. Here Bertrand worked for four vintages applying his experience, before joining the team of oenologists at Veuve Clicquot in 2012. As an Assistant Manager Bertrand was in charge of a cuverie ensuring smooth running of winery operations for two years. During the harvest, Bertrand managed the winemaking at external operation sites in Reims. In early 2015 he joined the Development, Innovation and Communication of Oenology team led by Pierre Casenave. The development and innovation leads Bertrand to follow and carry out cross-functional projects in cooperation with various departments of the Maison (Wine tours, winery, laboratory, Production ...). His role as wine communicator leads him to frequently collaborate with sales teams, contractors and supporters of Veuve Clicquot, both internally and externally. Bertrand travels regularly to educate and promote Veuve Clicquot wine. Bertrand is part of the tasting committee of the Maison and since 2015 is responsible for the vinification of red wines in the winery of Bouzy, used in the preparation of Veuve Clicquot Rosé.