Baylee Hopings


Years of Participation


Baylee Hopings is the Bar Manager for the soon-to-be opened restaurant Carmel. She has tended bar for seven years in a variety of settings--from a Korean family restaurant to Atlanta fine dining spots like Hugh Acheson’s Empire State South.

Baylee is a lover of all things liquid (drinking, researching, crafting cocktails, talking about spirits, etc.). She has successfully used this knowledge and passion and received the following certifications: BarSmarts Advanced, WSET Spirits Level 3, and WSET Wine Level 1.

Additionally, Baylee has successfully competed in local competitions as well as national competitions sponsored by brands such as Grey Goose, Woodford Reserve, and Jack Daniels. Most recently she has competed in Speed Rack Seasons 9-11 and is a 2x National Finalist as well as the Southeast Region champ for Season 10.

Outside of work, Baylee loves: working out and posting “sweatchecks” on IG to motivate her industry friends; volunteering for various organizations (mostly helping animals and kids); reading (fiction or booze related works); exploring new cities with her husband David; and spending time with her furbabies (Conan, Brijit, and Cole).

You can follow Baylee on IG at @cocktails_ala_bayla. She’s known to make guest shift appearances in other cities. Who knows, maybe the next one will be your city!