Aubrey Sanders

Years of Participation

Aubrey began her career as a Wall Street stock analyst, but her heart just wasn’t in it. She did a lot of soul searching about what she cared about most and decided she wanted to spend her life engaged in protecting marine life and the environment. After going back to school, she worked at several West Coast nonprofits focused on sustainable seafood and aquaculture before moving to Charleston and falling in love with oyster farming for its myriad ecological and environmental benefits and sustainability. Her co-founder, Michael Kalista, shared this passion for restoring our waterways and sustainability in the food system, and the two decided to pursue the dream of starting their own farm. After a long journey, Steamboat Creek Oyster Farm was born. Aubrey and Michael were elated to sell their first oysters in spring 2021 and look forward to continuing to supply the Lowcountry with their delicious Steamboat Creeks.