Art Perry

Years of Participation


Originally from East Tennessee and blessed to have grown up on the Carolina coasts, Art has called the Lowcountry home for over 6 years. Crabbing everyday with his best friend Tia Clark, Art is the Co-Host of Casual Crabbing with Tia. Don’t let his “Smoky Mountains” accent fool you. Art knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the inhabitants of these Charleston waters. Art has crabbed and fished the North and South Carolina coasts since he was a kid and loves sharing that knowledge and fun with guests of the crabbing experience. Here’s what you should expect when meeting Art and Tia on the dock: you’re going to have a blast and learn quite a bit about blue crabs and other amazing animals that live in our coastal waters. You will also learn about this amazing city and make memories that you will never forget. Art enjoys catching local seafood and preparing it with true local and traditional Geechee flavors & seasonings and combining it with he and his family’s Appalachian recipes. Travelling with his wife Erin, Art also enjoys learning cooking techniques from their international travels and incorporating those styles and flavors into his own dishes. When Art is not on the dock crabbing, he enjoys hunting, fishing, boating and spending time outdoors with Erin and their two dogs Little Man and Muggsy Bogues.