Angela DuPree

Years of Participation

Angela DuPree is the Director of Operations at One80 Place and has been with the organization since 2012. One80 is the largest provider of homeless services in the state of South Carolina. Angela and her team run the Zucker Community Kitchen, the robust food rescue program, the culinary job training program and the One80 Place “Café” or social enterprise. The Zucker Community kitchen serves over 500 meals a day from the food they rescue every day that would otherwise go to waste. The One80 Place job
training programs primary goal is to teach and educate the guests at One80 Place in the culinary basics in order for them to get jobs in the food industry. Each student walks away with a Serv Safe certification, chef pants and coat, and 7 piece knife kit. They are currently in cycle 18 of the program since its launch in 2016 and have trained graduated and placed 95% of their students in current positions in Charleston restaurants.  Angela has recently expanded the program to include a Social Enterprise and is contracting with numerous schools and local partners to provide school lunches and off- site catering. This piece of the program will generate additional revenue to support the continued success of the culinary job training program. Angela looks forward to continuing to develop and expand programs at One80 Place and to have a real and tangible impact on the most vulnerable people in the Charleston community and simultaneously strengthen the Hospitality industry as a whole.