Andrea Margiotta

Years of Participation

Originally from New Jersey, Andrea made her way down south to escape the cold, enjoy the local seafood scene, and earn her Master’s degree in Marine Biology from the College of Charleston. As an avid oyster enthusiast, Andrea spent time during her studies knee-deep in pluff mud alongside the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources’ oyster restoration program. She joined the South Carolina Aquarium’s Education team shortly after graduating. As she continued promoting her passion for sustainable seafood to anyone and everyone who’d listen, she soon landed the role of Good Catch Coordinator at the Aquarium.
Good Catch is all about supporting local, sustainable seafood choices and encouraging restaurants, fishermen and families to do the same. Now that she’s earned her “local” status as a Charlestonian after six years in the Lowcountry, Andrea knows firsthand the importance of supporting the local economy and making sure our oceans sustain healthy fish populations, ultimately maintaining a balanced ocean. That’s what Good Catch is truly all about – choosing seafood sourced from southeast regional fisheries (which range from North Carolina to the east coast of Florida) that are also harvested following proper regulations like size, possession and season limits – making them a “good catch.” When you choose seafood from local, sustainably managed fisheries or dine with businesses that do the same, you become part of the movement to protect our oceans!