Alison Clem

Years of Participation

It’s still rare to see a woman running a barbecue eatery, but LeAnn Mueller has meat coursing through her veins—well, not literally. But she does come from a BBQ dynasty starting with grandpa Louie Mueller and her dad Bobby. LeAnn earned her chops at Louie Mueller Barbecue as a wee babe, cleaning tables in middle school while her dad helmed the pit. Like a typical teen brat, she becoming vegetarian. (Don’t worry, it didn’t stick.) Speaking of her rebellion, LeAnn fled her small-town Texas upbringing and headed to the big city to become a professional photographer. She’s shot some big-time musicians you may have heard of (cough, cough...Jay Z, Rascal Flatts, the Beastie Boys, and a helluva lot more) for album packaging and national magazines. But she couldn't quit BBQ and so la Barbecue was born in Austin in 2012. LeAnn shares her love for the 'cue with her wife Alison Clem who honed her smoking skills from Pitmaster, John Lewis. From this trio, the magic of la Barbecue was born.  LeAnn and Ali continue to honor the legacy of LeAnn’s father Bobby Mueller while adding their own twists to classic recipes. The couple splits their time between Austin and L.A. with their pups Lilly, Mr. Oliver Pickles, Louie, and Zoe.